Be a digital historian they said. It will be fun they said. You will learn the most up to date technological things they said. They lied. No one warned me how many times I would want to throw my computer in a lake and become a hermit in a cabin […]

What is going on!!

I am not a fan of snow. I am really not a fan of snow when it makes the semester longer during the warm spring season. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do to change the situation. We are supposed to blog this week but I am not sure what […]

I am not a fan of snow

For being a billion dollar theme park, Disney’s wifi isn’t the best. Unfortunately for me that means the articles aren’t opening. Unfortunately for my fellow students that means my posts and comments will have to wait until I return to post. For digital history class- what I have learned from […]

Remote posting

Readings and Activities: The readings and activities will be different this week, there is a method to why we are reading this way that will become apparent as you read. BEFORE doing the readings take the Pre-Test: “So You Think You Know What Plagiarism Is? Pre-Test Your Knowledge.” Accessed November […]

Good teachers, make good students