Changes are afoot at the barelyahistorian ranch

Ok, so it’s not a ranch, it is a blog, but changes are here!

First, let me update you on what has happened in the past few months:


Got a new job

Got engaged

Got married

now… I am bored.

I have decided to transition my little school blog into a blog about podcasts, products I love/have gotten samples of, married life, my life, the puglife, and whatever else pops up!

As many of you know I am absolutely in love with true crime podcasts and television shows. My favorite podcast is a podcast about podcasts called Crimewriters on. My real goal is to do a podcast about a podcast about a podcast. I think there are enough people out there who listen to it and like me talk back to it. (Don’t hide it, you know you do it! Even if it’s only in your head.)¬† If the blogging works then eventually I will transition to trying a podcast. I will try and compartmentalize the subject matter since not all true crimers¬†want to read about my dog, and not all dog people care about my latest true crime obsession.

I also subscribe to a few sites that allow me to review their products in exchange for free stuff, so you may see a review here or there. Again, I’ll try and compartmentalize them since no one will really care but those looking to try new products.


Wish me luck!