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Review of Accused Season 2. Or is it? It seems to morph into a discussion about podcast audio quality, as opposed to the discussion about the podcast content.


Poor Kevin, he’s got the man flu!

Lara gets super podunk with the collywobbles.

Toby’s Introduction

Tiny house defender…

Toby’s Hello:

A plain old good evening, are you kidding me? Where are my foreign language lessons via Toby Ball.

Amazon List:

Conspicuously missing again.

I think the C-dubs are my friends:

Apparently I think they are my friends but they think we are stalkers and breed disease. I do love it when they refer to superfans because I am fairly certain anyone that listens to CWO is a superfan, I doubt there is anyone that listens passively. I didn’t watch the live broadcast. I forget why I didn’t, but I didn’t. I guess 2000 other people did because Kevin seems impressed, again- don’t they realize people are obsessed!

For some reason when Lara tells the story of “Annie Oakley” and says “shit” it takes me off guard. Other than when she was hangry on that diet, she never drops swear words.

Why is Toby learning about cults? I have a vague memory of him talking about a history degree, did he write the history of cults? Doesn’t he realize the NBA is a cult in and of itself.

True Crime Update Announcement:

That was hands down the most depressing True Crime Update ever. Poor Kevin.


The update:


The highlight of this update is Kevin (?)  Rebecca doing the trademark Michael Jackson “woo hoo” forget all the content, that makes it.

I love that Rebecca asks Toby if he thinks their feelings have changed. It shows her amazing hosting skills, realizing Tball hasn’t been very talkative, she coaxes him to give some opinion on the case.

Bowe Bergdahl:

I always think it is Bo Bergdog when the C-dubs say it. I don’t know why. I have a minor connection to this case because I work in Army History, so it is hard for me to listen to people (minus Wyrick) talk about Courts-Martials and process because I want to scream back at my headphones.

Main Topic:

Accused Podcast, with a ton of mentions to the FB Group.

We all tore Accused apart on the FB page and Amber Hunt defended herself. I see both sides. My real question brought about by this episode is:

Is the FB discussion page corrupting the podcast? I love that the C-dubs are so in touch with the fans and reading the page, but is it getting to a point where it is influencing the purity of the podcast?

The great debate over 1 or 2 earbuds is hysterical. Personally I listen during my commute with huge over the ear bluetooth headphones. Occasionally I will listen in the car without them. The poll on the discussion board was awesome, and the group posed the most important question ever:

WHY ARE THERE GUNSHOTS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!!! Where is Rebecca Walking the dog? Why are they letting their kids walk the dogs (as per the Link AKC ad) if people are shooting!?

This also goes back to the FB board. We had discussed the issues on the board, and as a result it became a main topic in the podcast. Does this take away from their review because C-dubs are talking about our issues, and if they agree with them. Does this take away from the podcast itself? There is more time spent talking about audio levels as opposed to the crime/case.

I am not knocking the group or the change in content but I miss the back and forth about the case. The theories of who could have done it and the discussion about the reporting style it takes to investigate this kind of case. It was there but it didn’t seem to be as much of the main focus as it normally is.


True Crime of the Week (dun dun):

The donut caper. What would we find in each C-dubs car and what does that tell us? Lara maybe a secret drug mule. Tball better hope he doesn’t find himself in a Scott Peterson situation, Kevin is a secret batman villain and his wife thinks he’s a penguin.

Cat of the Week:

The crimewriter kittens have opened their eyes! And again, the FB group comes up! A family of breakfast stealing cats have won this weeks honor.


Ad Transition 1:

I admit, lately I have been expecting the transitions, but the first one into the Link AKC ad is pretty damn good. Not worthy of a slow clap like I used to give in the car when Kevin was first learning the art of the smooth transition, but is one of his best in “modern” CWO times

Letote transition was decent too. I would love to hear what the companies think about Kevin’s incorporation of their ads into the show.





Has Toby Laughed?


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