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Namaste from Kevin, maybe he’s been taking some secret yoga classes.

Passive aggressive backseat driver Lara Bricker

Toby’s Introduction:

Forced to binge watch Mindhunter. Sometimes I feel like Toby is forced to do everything.

Toby’s Hello:

Reporting for Duty.

Amazon List:

Missing once again!

I think the C-dubs are my friends:

Thanks Lara for spreading the word about toxicity and pets! — wait wait wait— why are the Lavoie’s getting a divorce? What!? Who what, I blame the kopari. They must be fighting over who gets to use the last of it.

The discussion about the discussion group is refreshing right now. Yes, it is great that we have a place to “hang out” and talk  Cdubs and other true crime stuff. And yes, Lisa is awesome for being the admin!

Lara using the word curfuffle made me realize Kevin hasn’t dropped a MacGruffin in a while.


True Crime Update:

Upgrade from last week! Thank god that Kevin is back to normal!

How was it?

Ok, about the Steven Avery case…. please don’t judge all Wisconsin on this case, the people, the police, the… ok everything about this fiasco. Manitowoc is actually a cute little town. There is a  submarine museum there! That being said, yeah there is a lot of stuff being filed. What are the odds that this whole family had something to do with this woman being murdered? I mean seriously what is the motivation to kill this poor woman? Why? What did she do to these people? I could buy into the police framing Steven Avery, but what motivation does the whole family have against her.

Excuse me, Zellner a little off? She rolled up to the courthouse in a dead muppet coat and a Louis Vuitton scarf.

Related image

That’s all I am going to say about that.


Main Topic:

I audibly laughed at the idea of “Broadway Siri.” my officemates think I am nuts. The audible laugh didn’t do it, they just think I am.

Ed Kemper read audiobooks. I am dying listening to Kevin’s audible ad! DYING! I used to work at the Talking Books Library, and let me tell you, Audible is SO Much better! Especially the earlier books. They have narrators but obviously, they aren’t really professionals. These books are more for utility than audible which are far more entertaining.

No automatic alt text available. No, I don’t know if Kemper read playboy but hey, who knows! Personally, I really like Kempers affect. There is something about how he talks that is soothing.

I am glad the C-dubs are discussing the first scene. My exact words were “well, you know it’s gonna be good, there was a floppy weiner and an exploded head in the first 10 minutes.”

Hearing the C-dubs analyzing the show and knowing I wasn’t the only one that had to get more than one episode in to really appreciate the show. Comparing this to Manhunt is a good strategy but I think the one point they didn’t touch on is the audience. Manhunt was on regular cable, there’s only so much you can do without worrying about sponsors and censors. Netflix (as South Park spoofed) can and will put anything on.

THANK GOD they talk about the cat in the basement! Every time she goes down there I wait for someone to jump out and murder her!

Is there a parallel between her and Debbie? Is the cat a metaphor for Holden in Debbie’s life? I didn’t think about that at all until Lara points out she is home alone trying to reach out to the cat. Is Debbie reaching out for Holden?

I am so glad we to be back to “normal.” Seems like everyone was right, the fb group isn’t brought up as much as it was last week. Back to talking about the content not the group.

I am so glad T-ball admits that he liked it. How could he not.

True Crime of the Week (dun dun):

A woman brings home ashes from a thrift store. All I can think is lady you didn’t look in it to see what could have been in there. Jeez, I worry about mice and bugs always look in things you pick up at thrift stores!


Cat of the Week:

Stampy tribute at the intro ALMOST made me cry. I think it sounded like RL’s voice cracked at one point making me get a case of the feels.

Kevin Transition:

The audible ad, saw it coming! But the fact that he couldn’t stop laughing made it totally worth it.

The madison reed ad, you get an A for effort.





Has Toby Laughed?

No of course not.