I put off posting this week because I could not figure out if I loved maps of places that do not exist, or if I think they are a waste. What I finally realized is, I like them for the artistic value that is typically associated with them, I do […]

Fantasy Maps

This week we focused on the topic of open source history. This topic is near and dear to my heart, my project for this class is based on open source and user generated content. I believe putting history back in to the hands of the “public” will enrich the field, […]

Open Source

Last week we had to run Photoshop on images we might use in our project. I went with Mr. Zip. Saturday the Smithsonian posted the picture below on their Owney the Raildog facebook page. I feel much better about my Photoshop skills if this is the “professional” version.

Photoshop by “professionals”

SeaMonsterCvanDuzer017 3
Please, someone write a great paper on the history of sea monsters on maps! What is going on here? Why are there monks in a boat rowing past a giant sea creature? There is a research topic here!   I love the images in this article: Sea Creatures in Maps

For the Art Historians in the class

Mr 3
This week’s assignment proved more useful than I thought it was going to be. I had been struggling to find a copy of a postal map from 1796 that I have had for years. It is in my house somewhere or at least I thought it was. It has been […]


Even though I am taking History and Cartography hand and hand with Clio one this semester, this week was harder than I thought it would be.¬† I am still struggling with Storymap. It just doesn’t seem to want to do what I want it to, depending on how busy I […]

Map Reflection

Map 3
Since my project isn’t very diverse¬†in the locations it offers, primarily from one or two different posts to one address, I decided to double dip and use maps from work. Currently we don’t have a great way to describe where the museum is going to be, using map warper I […]


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