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The past week or so has left me fluctuating between excitement and confusion with my project. I know what I want to do, I know how to do it, but I am worried it is not historical enough and while, I am super excited about the tools we are learning […]

Project Update

Here is the proposal Letters Home Proposal

NEH Grant

Let me start off first by apologizing for not getting my grant posted on time. I left my flash drive at work when I left on Friday after a 60 hour plus work week, and when I drove all the way back to Arlington on Saturday morning. I discovered the […]

Data and NEH Grants- better known as the week of ...

While I am enjoying not having to drive to campus this really is not a week off at all. I am working on the proposal, but I also took this week to ask an associate (and recent M.L.S. graduate) to be my exhibit guinea pig.  Turns out, as much as I […]

A week “off.”

Here is the link, I wanted to refine things a bit more before posting it, but I am still struggling!    

Link to the start of my Exhibit

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If it was not obvious, I was terrified of this project, but it came out ok.  I decided on a kids treasure map. I figured if I am going to have to do this I should have some fun with it.  Using the grid method I think I got a […]

Art and Math are not my strong points

It is starting to sound like a math problem: If public history is for the consumption of the  public. Then history is for the consumption of? History? Historians? No. The public is almost always the end user. What is the difference between digital public history and digital history? Should there […]

You say Digital History, I say Digital Public History- let’s ...

One of my undergrad professors posted this and I thought I would share. I love how the Sandborn Maps look 3D Chicago’s First 100 Years in Maps  

Chicago Maps

What I learned from the readings is I have a love hate relationship with Metadata. I love the ability to classify and organize things. I love the creativity that is sometimes required to search and on some levels I love the objectivity the person cataloging an item uses when assigning […]

Last minute thoughts on Meta Data

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I am going to start this post off with a disclaimer: I don’t “get” art. I have never had a visceral, emotional reaction to any painting, photograph, or sculpture. My two best friends are both artists, each holding degrees in art. They have tried to explain the complexity of so […]

Argumentative maps