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About Me


The first question most people ask is why are you barely a historian? Well, the answer is not so simple. I know a lot about very few aspects of history. I am passionate about Early American History, especially Religious History, I know my fair share of Postal Historiography and more than most native Milwaukeeians know about their city. But if you ask me about 11th Century European History I am probably going to look at you the same way I would if you asked me to explain nuclear fusion. The name actually comes from a quick story. While playing trivia with some friends, a question about a Russian Czar came up, of course I had no clue what the answer could be. One of my friends said “Aren’t you supposed to be a historian?” I replied “yes, but not that kind.” Their response:


“You’re Barely A Historian”


It became my twitter handle @brlyahistorian, email address and title of my first blog (but we won’t talk about that.)


Of all the things I have learned, I know there is more to know than I could ever imagine.  Recently I saw a great illustration that relates to how little the most educated person knows. When I struggle because I don’t know the answer to something this reminds me of all the knowledge in the world compared to the tiny bit in my memory.



That is the story behind the name.




Read on if you want to know more about me personally.


Originally I am from Long Beach, NY, but I relocated to Milwaukee, WI in 2004. While there I got married, had a wonderful daughter and got divorced. I completed my undergraduate degree at The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee  double majoring in History and Religious Studies with a certificate in Cultures and Communities. I spent a Summer abroad in Morocco, served as the President of Phi Alpha Theta- Delta Phi the National History Honor Society at UWM, and discovered my passion for image research working on The Encyclopedia of Milwaukee.  I am eternally appreciative of the Professors, students, friends and faculty at UWM, without them I would not be where I am now.


Surviving 10 long cold winters in Wisconsin, prompted me to only look at graduate programs in warmer climates. George Mason University and the well known digital humanities program was the right fit for me.  The Fall of 2015 is my second year in the program and, so far, it has been a great experience.


I currently work at the Army Historical Foundation as the special exhibits digital coordinator. I love my job and I fully believe in our mission to build a National Museum of the United States Army. I realize how lucky I am to work in this field and not a day goes by when something AMAZING doesn’t show up in the office. Documents, artifacts, or someone telling a story, it all adds up to a great place for a historian to work.


As far as my personal life, it is pretty boring. I currently live in Northern Virginia and when I am not in class or at work, most of my time is spent with my dog Louie, lounging on the couch watching awful T.V., reading or knitting.  I am also an avid explorer of local breweries. I love craft beers. When I am not reading for school, my guilty pleasure is true crime and that carries over in to my love of true crime docudramas. I am a talker and fight the urge constantly to dominate any conversation. I also tend not to take myself to seriously which. One of the biggest concerns I have in regards to blogging for class it coming off too flippant, casual or sarcastic- please feel free to call me out on this.


That is a brief history of barely a historian. With that I leave you with a picture of Louie, who I am sure will make many appearances as the blogging progresses.



 I am a historian, but just barely.



Barely a historian  I am a historian, but just barely.