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What I learned from the readings is I have a love hate relationship with Metadata. I love the ability to classify and organize things. I love the creativity that is sometimes required to search and on some levels I love the objectivity the person cataloging an item uses when assigning […]

Last minute thoughts on Meta Data

Archivists are not historians, and historians are not archivists, yet somehow at they are both at the same time add in the “digital” world and materials – and well, you’ve got a mess on your white gloved hands! There is a sense that an archivist can not be a historian, […]

Archivist vs Historian vs Hobbyist

An atlas can serve different purposes, and when evaluating a collection it should be noted what the main purpose is. It is also difficult to evaluate two atlases if they do not share a common thread. If we were to examine Hayes against a collection of Rand McNally Travel Atlas […]