A week “off.”

While I am enjoying not having to drive to campus this really is not a week off at all. I am working on the proposal, but I also took this week to ask an associate (and recent M.L.S. graduate) to be my exhibit guinea pig.  Turns out, as much as I am excited about having open source uploading ability, it is not as easy as I hoped it would be.

Our first problem was security settings. If they are not set just right, the person who wants to upload something has to wait for me to approve them and give them some authority. If my site were to ever be self sustaining, self policing and truly open to the public, this will be an issue. With only one person testing it, it was not a big deal but having multiple users would be. I think I have corrected the error and now anyone who registers as a guest should be able to upload. I have a few more people waiting in the wings to test it out for me soon.

The next problem was having him upload with out clear directions from me. Since the site is still being built I have not had a chance to put instructions on how upload to the site. For this trial run I was able to give him a verbal overview of what he should try and do. Turns out even with his experience with Omeka, a masters in Library Science and my instructions, the uploading still did not go as planned. For some reason he was never prompted to upload the actual image. I won’t see him until Tuesday to find out exactly what went wrong but I am suspecting it was in choosing an item type. If someone with this level of experience is having trouble that does not bode well for my desire to have people contribute to the project.

When I thought of this site I thought it was brilliant. If nothing else it was a way to have people connect about a similar subject and share their stories. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t being done already. I should have known there was a reason why. Conveying instructions to various levels of expertise is going to be hard. Troubleshooting with little to no knowledge myself is going to be even harder. How am I ever going to explain how to fix something when I barely understand how it works myself?

With all that being said, I hope everyone is enjoying some extra time to catch up on work and the proposal is going well.

See you all in a week!