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Since my project isn’t very diverse in the locations it offers, primarily from one or two different posts to one address, I decided to double dip and use maps from work. Currently we don’t have a great way to describe where the museum is going to be, using map warper I was able to place the site plan almost exactly where it will be. I was impressed with the programs ability to get the not yet built access road right up to Fairfax county parkway. When I tried to export it wouldn’t let me do it. No matter what method I tried to view the image it left the map portion out, I am wondering if it has something to do with the fact that Fort Belvoir is an active post? Here is a screen shot from the map, and I will keep trying.



I am still struggling with Storymap but hopefully I can add that tonight or tomorrow,


I decided to go back in and see if I could figure out what I am doing wrong in Map Warper, I can’t figure it out. I was able to upload a satellite image, rectify it and have it be transparent, but even with that I can’t export it out.  I tried doing an old world map of Milwaukee, in case the red shaded government classified area was the issue, still nothing.

This is the png link it exports out for me, but it never seems to work.{z}/{x}/{y}.png. I’d love input on what I am doing wrong.


I used data from NARA to map out the enlistment sites of 150 WWII soldiers from Ohio. The soldier letters I have been working with are addressed to his hometown in Ohio so I thought it would be helpful to see what was going on with other soldiers at the time. Not surprising a majority of the men enlisted in Ohio, but there is a fair amount of diversity. I wish there were any easy way to find out what their next stop was, but unfortunately that would require building a whole new data set, and I don’t have the time to do that for this weeks assignment.


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  • Justin Broubalow

    As far as not getting the rectified map to show over the regular map goes. I believe the export options for Mal Warper allow you to export your rectified map to Google Earth and other GIS applications. I couldn’t gather from the site’s help section or Lincol.n Mullen’s workshop how exactly to do that. Despite the fun I had with it, I found Mal Warper to be a bit less than polished as a tool.

    • Danielle Post author

      I am glad you had some issues too. I was questioning myself far more than normal this weekend.

  • Lacey

    Hopefully this helps, but I found the link MapWarper gives you best to import as a BaseMap in CartoDB. If you are viewing your map and select “change Base Map” and the bottom left corner, you can then his the plus under, I believe, “you”. It should open a page to insert that link.

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