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This week’s assignment proved more useful than I thought it was going to be. I had been struggling to find a copy of a postal map from 1796 that I have had for years. It is in my house somewhere or at least I thought it was. It has been with me through at least 3 moves, one of which was halfway across the country. I had planned on using it as the starting illustration in telling the story of zip codes but I couldn’t find it. I also was having a hard time find a copy online. Low and behold, while searching for ways to create something in Photoshop, I found it. On wikipedia of all the ridiculous places!

It is huge and I had a hard time getting it to fit as the background of my “Mr.Zip” image but I think what I wound up with worked out well. I also incorporated a small, almost too small to see image of modern zip codes by population. The image may seemĀ  busy but gave me a chance to practice re-sizing layers and moving things around.

Starting Images:



I deleted the white to a transparent background in the Mr. Zip jpg, focused in on old post time tables for the background and put the last map “in” Mr. Zip’s bag, mostly to practice re-sizing and placement. Then I added the zip code text on the envelope to practice adding text. Overall this week really helped me remember Photoshop skills I don’t use that often.

Final image:



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