The troubles of text, temperature, and trenches. 1

Trenches? Yes trenches! As if the snow day last week wasn’t enough to throw me off, I came down with one of those really fun mouth breathing colds and had the first exhibit in the museum prelude series to deal with this week.

I am shifting positions at work to special exhibits manager, my first exhibit is African-American Soldiers in World War I. Interesting topic, but it was exhausting to pull everything together. A large part of my duties included pulling together the digital aspects. I will post links below so everyone in class can explore history. The first link is a digital version of the Soldiers’ Stories pylons which will be in the museum. forty two stainless steel monoliths with etchings. The second is a video touch screen that allows visitors to see what life was like in the trenches, during training, and when the soldiers returned home. The final is my “baby.” It is featured on a large touch screen (15′ X 5′) and allows visitors to explore aspects of the army art collection. While this has nothing to do with my text struggles, I thought it might be nice for us to see how digital history actually applies in the real world. At least for me it is a validation that I am learning things for a reason, not just an empty pipe dream.



Living Art

This class has already helped with coding. It was so much easier to go in and change what I wanted changed without having to run off begging support for a quick turn around.

Now on to my text troubles.

I picked fonts to go along with my mapping project from last semester. It has a very fun and comic like feeling. I wanted to keep that through out. I was able to get the fonts working in dreamweaver, but I am stuck getting them to upload to my site. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. 6 plus hours of the video only confused me more. I wanted to get something up before the end of the weekend, so I am posting the link and the dreamweaver screen shot now. I plan on spending the rest of the weekend trying to find another video that makes more sense to me. I am starting to find that the videos in make me feel like I am drunk trying to read Ikea instructions. It should be simple but my mind can’t make the connection to what they are telling me to do. Does that make sense to anyone?

While I continue to get this working here is the link to the font project page that is not doing anything I want it to and a screen shot from dreamweaver which is doing somethings I want it to:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.11.32 PM


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  • Alicia Tucker

    Danielle, I spent most of my week getting my page correct and talked very little about it in my post. By the time it came to write about it I was exhausted! On Monday, I decided to work on my page since at 9:00 we would usually be in class. At 1:00 I finally turned off my computer. I found working with code a bit like working on a puzzle and once I started moving pieces I couldn’t stop. I am getting better at understanding what I’m doing, although Pearl asked me why I had a certain command on my style sheet and I couldn’t explain why I ended up doing it that way — but I knew I had to do it that way!

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