The Homestretch 1

I am so glad we can use templates now- templates and widgets because I can make almost exactly what I want out of them!

I am 2/3 of the way finished with my project. The design is almost exactly how I want it. It is too much brown for me but I think it works best for the project. Right now I have “The Sickness” totally completed and “The Project” is started.

I can’t wait to see what others have done!

design site


I also wanted to share the program I showcased in class. It is I like the “old version” (located on the top of the page) it gives you a code to embed right to your site.

The second program to do the same thing is Yofla. It is a little more intense to use, as in, I can’t make it work at work. It offers hotspots to showcase points on an artifact.


The other thing I found this week is Twenty Twenty. It is awesome!  I used it as a plug in at work to make some fun interactive “Did You Know?” peekaboo style images.

Here is an example.

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  • Pearl Harris-Scott

    Cool Danielle – I especially like your slideshow of the tuberculosis 😀 Alicia is doing the 1918 Flu outbreak so we’ll get two disease presentations tomorrow!

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