Last minute thoughts on Meta Data

What I learned from the readings is I have a love hate relationship with Metadata. I love the ability to classify and organize things. I love the creativity that is sometimes required to search and on some levels I love the objectivity the person cataloging an item uses when assigning metadata. I love creating metadata, and the mental (and sometimes physical) thesaurus required to accurately describe something.


I do not love poorly cataloged items nor the debates that I read about concerning metadata. The argument that metadata should, could or can be copyrighted seems frivolous to me. Yes, it is an intellectual property, yes it is creative, on some level- but to copyright it? I just don’t see the point.


One other things I noticed about the readings, and I am curious to see if any one else noticed it as well. New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa archives have not been updated in 6 months. Does that mean no one is contributing anymore? I wonder what caused the sudden drop off.


I am also contributing this link to the discussion this week.